The Team.



Master jen stone, president & treasurer

Jen Stone is the first-ever IFSA-accredited Feng Shui Master in North America. With the collective endorsement of all the IFSA Grand Masters (Vincent Koh, Raymond Lo, Dr. Stephen Skinner, and Tan Khoon Yong), she was bestowed the prestigious title at the 14th annual Feng Shui Convention held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Jen also founded Feng Shui by Jen®, a Classical Feng Shui & BaZi consultancy firm where she works with a range of clients from individuals to business owners and commercial-scale hospitality and restaurant projects in North America, Asia, South America, and Europe.

As part of her effort to promote authentic Chinese Feng Shui in the West, she was also hand-selected by world-renowned Grand Master Raymond Lo to be his U.S. representative—and only authorized instructor—on behalf of the Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui & Destiny in the U.S. and anywhere in the world.

Known for her dynamic, honest, and refreshing teaching style and no-nonsense approach, Jen has garnered a demand for educational talks on many Chinese Metaphysical subjects with an emphasis on debunking popular Western myths and misconceptions around Feng Shui, which has also led to her appearances in numerous print and TV interviews.

Her debut book, The First Guidebook for Feng Shui Enthusiasts, is available on Amazon. In 2018 she launched a new magazine, Feng Shui Journal, which aims to feature many industry professionals, students, and enthusiasts with special topics on Classical Feng Shui, BaZi, I Ching, Qi Men Dun Jia, Chinese Medicine, and more. The magazine is available tri-annually on her website.

Master Jen Stone is responsible for establishing and spearheading the IFSA USA Chapter and serves as the organization’s president and board chair.



angela williams, vice president

Angela Williams studied Feng Shui at the Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui & Destiny under the guidance of Master Jen Stone in 2014. She couples this discipline with a B.A. in Journalism, M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, and 18 years working as a professional qualitative market researcher for Fortune 500 companies, including hundreds of ethnographic in-home studies.

Her training in creative problem-solving and psychology has developed her expertise as someone who can assist in reframing perspectives, identifying alternative approaches, and assessing the strongest course of action to achieve powerful results. Her unique training in Healing Touch and observing and interviewing energy healers worldwide has instilled an advanced understanding of the ways in which people are in constant exchange of energy, with each other and with their environment.

Serving alongside Master Jen Stone as vice president, her skills and talent make her an instrumental leader for the organization’s marketing development and branding, membership recruitment and retention, and educational initiatives.



catherine monroe, secretary

Catherine has a B. S. in Business Administration and has been a corporate and real estate paralegal for over twenty years.  Her extensive real estate background is what prompted her interest in Feng Shui. In 2014, she completed her Feng Shui training with the Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui & Destiny under the guidance of Master Jen Stone. Leveraging her professional experience, her skills and knowledge play an essential role in the organization’s structure, compliance, and administration. Currently based in Scottsdale, Arizona, she continues to pursue her Feng Shui and BaZi interests during her spare time. 



masako amati, membership director

Masako Amati is a native of Japan. She graduated from the Department of Law at Meiji University Women’s College in Tokyo. Her constant moving and travels led her to study and research Feng Shui. After moving to New York in 1999 and continuing her studies in Feng Shui, she met world-renowned Feng Shui Grand Master Raymond Lo in 2008.

In 2012, she became Grand Master Raymond Lo’s official Japanese translator for his training courses in Japan, and helped translate 2 of his books. In 2015, Masako was awarded the Diploma of Practitioner from the Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui & Destiny.

Masako operates a Feng Shui consultancy business called Fusui New York. Her clients are based in the New York metropolitan area as well as other parts of the U.S., Japan, and Europe.

Along with being the Membership Director of IFSA USA chapter, she has also served as the Director of the IFSA Japan Chapter since its establishment in 2017.




Diane miralis, committee member

Diane Miralis originally hails from Australia, but has called Florida her home since 2013. Her interest in energy work began in 1996 after receiving her certification for Reiki I and Reiki II. From there, she went on to study Classical Feng Shui under the guidance of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai and Joey Yap at YCH Center of Excellence. Diane also studied under Ken Lai from the International School of Feng Shui before starting her Feng Shui consulting business Chi in Harmony, LLC. In 2018, Diane completed her studies in BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny) and I Ching Divination with the Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui and Destiny under the guidance of Grand Master Lo. Diane has experience in complementary modalities, including Life Coaching through Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention and Bowen Therapy.

Today, she is a Reiki master, a practicing real estate agent in Florida, and part-owner in an investment property company. Her affinity for Chinese Metaphysics and universal energy work brings an extra layer to her business. With her tag line of “enhancing you and your environment,” she endeavors to make a difference to her clients and everyone she meets.

Diane is thrilled to be a committee member for the IFSA USA Chapter, where her experience, skills, training, and enthusiasm for the Chinese arts will help make a difference to those who wish to embark on this journey.



Grand master dr. stephen skinner, honorary member

Dr. Stephen Skinner is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer. He was responsible for introducing real feng shui to the West, and wrote the first 20th century English book on the subject in 1976. His first profession was that of Geography Lecturer, at what is now the University of Technology in Sydney. He completed his Ph.D in Classics at the University of Newcastle with a thesis on the transmission of magical methods and implements from the Graeco-Egyptian world to the grimoires.

In 2003 he migrated to Malaysia/Singapore to facilitate his researches into feng shui, and helped found the International Feng Shui Association in Singapore, which is now in its 15th year.

n 2008 he completed the Guide to the Feng Shui Compass, the most detailed study of the Chinese luopan in any language. In 2011 he completed a project that he had planned since his teens, to edit and rectify the text of Dr John Dee's Spiritual Diaries (1583-1608) which was a fully corrected (against the original manuscripts) edition of A True & Faithful Relation of what passed for many yeers between Dr. John Dee...and some spirits. This mammoth work ran to 680 folio pages, with thousands of footnotes and corrections.

He was educated at Sydney University graduating in English Literature, Geography and Ancient Greek Philosophy, and was awarded his Ph.D in Classics from the University of Newcastle for a thesis on magic. His interests include feng shui, ancient civilisations, geometry, travel, computers, magic and the Middle Ages. He is the author of more than 36 books published worldwide in more than 20 different languages. His books have had introductions by such diverse people as Colin Wilson, HRH Charles Prince of Wales, and Jimmy Choo shoe designer to the stars.


lo copy.jpg

grand master raymond lo, honorary member

Raymond Lo is one of the most sought-after professional Feng Shui and Destiny consultants in the world. As of 2013, he is one of only five people alive to earn the title of “Grand Master” from the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA). A native of Hong Kong, Mr. Lo – popularly known as “Fung Shui Lo” – is a graduate of the University of Hong Kong with a degree in Social Sciences. He is now an author, researcher, lecturer, and teacher with decades of practice. He specializes in private consultations for Feng Shui, Four Pillars of Destiny, I Ching Divination, and Auspicious Date Selection. He pioneered the introduction of these topics in the West and is the first-ever Chinese master to share and teach these ancient arts in the English language.

Mr. Lo has written 13 best-selling books, both in English and Chinese, and translated into more than 10 languages including Polish, French, Russian, Greek, Hungarian, Thai, and Japanese.

His annual forecasts and Chinese New Year talks are a hotly anticipated affair and garner extensive media coverage. He has appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, Australian TV’s “Today Show,” and the Discovery Channel’s “Feng Shui Makeover,” CNN’s “Tech Watch,” and Asia’s “Bloomberg.” One of his landmark speaking engagements included an appearance at the World Economic Forum in 1996.

In 1993, he founded the Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui and Destiny. He has taught more than 2,000 students from around the world since then. The school offers first-class training for people pursuing Feng Shui as a professional career. Many of his students have gone on to become successful consultants, teachers, writers, and practitioners.