Our Mission.

Mission Statement

To cultivate global awareness and appreciation of traditional Chinese Feng Shui through training, education, and professional networking that inspires and empowers people to create healthier and more prosperous lives.


The US Chapter exists, in part, to play the role of a semi-governing or regulatory body for the Classical Feng Shui community. Our objectives are to:

  • Create an exclusive professional environment for traditional Chinese Feng Shui to prosper;

  • Advance Classical Feng Shui as a trusted and respected profession;

  • Enhance the image and credibility of traditional Chinese Feng Shui;

  • Champion the highest standards, competence, and benchmarks in the field of Chinese Metaphysics;

  • Strengthen the teachings of Classical Feng Shui responsibly and with integrity;

  • Unite practitioners, organizations, and enthusiasts of Classical Feng Shui under a common banner;

  • Provide a channel for the exchange of ideas and professional experiences among those engaged in the practice of Classical Feng Shui;

  • Develop and publish original studies, papers or articles, conduct meetings and hold seminars and educational events with a view to promote the best practices of Classical Feng Shui;

  • Undertake other activities that may be of general benefit to all members.

 Our goal is to also organize an annual Feng Shui convention to promote Feng Shui awareness to the public. During these significant annual events, experts and practitioners in the field of Chinese Metaphysics will be invited to speak, present, and offer lecture presentations. Their insightful speeches and lectures will aim to educate and share their profound knowledge not just in Feng Shui, but also in other areas including BaZi, I Ching Divination, Qi Men Dun Jia, Chinese Medicine, Face Reading, and more.