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To cultivate global awareness and appreciation of traditional Chinese Feng Shui through training, education, and professional networking that inspires and empowers people to create healthier and more prosperous lives.



We believe that our association will serve as an important channel for past and current students, enthusiasts, and new and seasoned practitioners to come together and collectively create a meaningful and supportive community, to elevate Classical Feng Shui as a trusted and prestigious profession, and to empower the general public through all disciplines of the ancient wisdom of Chinese Metaphysics. Join the team. Let’s grow together. Make a difference!


December 2018

My heartiest congratulation to Master Jen Stone on the inauguration of the USA Chapter of IFSA .  The IFSA was established in 2004 with the objective to promote higher standard of the knowledge and practice in the classical feng shui industry worldwide.  With IFSA chapter established in the USA, it profoundly helps to introduce systematic education in the knowledge of classical feng shui as well as providing a path and opportunity for USA students to take up feng shui as a professional career.  IFSA will give the US Chapter its full support and and we wish to see more USA students, practitioners and enthusiasts taking active role to promote classical feng shui.

Grand Master Raymond Lo, Hong Kong



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